Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC Has Just Gotten Better! (special below)

Carpet Cleaning Charlotte NC
Carpet Cleaning Charlotte NC

Carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC is the specialty of Journey’s Carpet Cleaning. 

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Why is Journey’s the #1 company doing Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC? Our state of the art equipment and technology allow us to get your carpets and area rugs cleaner – faster. Without hot water pressure cleaning, your carpets do not get the harsh treatment that comes with traditional carpet cleaning. First we apply a layer of the dry application. This acts as a type of sponge, picking up all the dirt particles and germs that are deep within your carpet fibers.  Then we use our powerful extraction equipment to deliver the best results.

Journeys Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC provides the absolute best and SAFEST carpet cleaning for your family and home.  Journey’s Dry Carpet Cleaning’s dry organic carpet cleaning is designed to clean your carpets better; it is the most advanced carpet cleaning technique on the market. Journey’s Carpet Cleaning is the only Charlotte NC Certified Organic carpet cleaners.
At Journey’s Carpet Cleaning in Charlotte NC we will do our absolute best to keep our carpet cleaning services affordable AND at the highest level of customer service possible.
First we lay out special dry organic material on your carpets. This acts like a sponge and sucks up all the dirt, grime and germs in your carpet fibers. We offer a risk free guarantee for all of our clients, if you are not 100% satisfied with your carpets – let us know and we will do our best to resolve the situation.   Our customers love us! Read more…


We serve Charlotte NC, Matthews NC, Waxhaw NC, Indian Trail NC, Monroe NC, Fort Mill SC and more surrounding communities.

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The 3 Pillars to the best Carpet Cleaning Companies in Charlotte


 3 PILLARS : service, results, care.


Journeys, Charlotte's #1 professional carpet cleaningService :  We try to provide our customers with the top level service that we can.  From a friendly smile and hello, to a thank you and professional treatment of their home – we are all about customer service. We will treat your home, carpets, furniture, upholstery, family and pets with the same respect we would expect from you.

Results : Our techniques, technology and experience are what deliver such good results time and time again. Simply put, we will not leave your home until we believe your carpets are as clean as they should be.

Care : We truly care about you and your family! We live, work and play in Charlotte, NC too – in fact this is our favorite park in Charlotte. We will treat you like our neighbor not another number.

For all of these reason, we continue to be a top rated company for carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC and we would love to come and clean your carpets. Please contact us today at

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Why We Are the #1 Choice for Quality Carpet Cleaning Services in Charlotte?


 Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning?

carpet cleaning companies Charlotte NCThis is a carpet cleaning technique that employs physical contact rather than using hot water pressure. By intelligently controlling the moisture levels, the dirt that is trapped deep within the carpet is removed thus cleaning the carpet deeper and more thoroughly than any other method around. Furthermore the carpet is still left dry and it can be used immediately. No dirt attracting residues are left behind after the process which leaves the carpet cleaner for much longer periods. Find out more about dry carpet cleaning here 

What We Can Do

cheap carpet cleaning Charlotte NCOur carpet cleaning services not only take care of how the carpet looks and feels but also enhances your family’s health & safety. Hazardous germs and dangerous bacteria can lurk within the carpet’s surface if left unclean for long periods of time and only professional services like ours can help you completely kill these germs. Our trained Charlotte, NC professionals know how to clean the carpet thoroughly and kill all germs in the safest way possible.

Customer Satisfaction Is First

carpet cleaning pricesOur customers love us and we love our customers. Check out what many of our customers have to say about our service, click here. They can describe what we do best far better than we can. If you would like to leave a comment or review, we invite you to do that here. All aspects of carpet cleaning will be covered and all gum, tar and dirt will completely be eliminated, spots and stains removed and any pet odors that may be lingering around completely taken care of.

Charlotte Carpet Cleaners

commercial carpet cleaningEach one of our local employees goes through high standards of training to ensure they are the very best in the job they do and we also guarantee they will be courteous and arrive at work on time. Professionalism is what we pride ourselves in and this goes far beyond our carpet cleaning services.  Walking on carpets that are clean and hazard free will make you have peace of mind so call us today and book an appointment with us.
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